Full Spectrum Operator Course (FSOC) September 2018

September 24 – 28, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

FSOC is an intensive 5-day shooting school for units tasked with operating in high-risk environments. Numerous after-action reports from PFC students credit FSOC training with saving the lives of them and their teammates. Material covered includes combative handgun skills, combative carbine skills, small arms fighting in low-light and no-light conditions, tactical trauma care, live fire team tactics, vehicular assault & counter-ambush tactics, mission planning, structure clearing & domination, close quarters battle (CQB), mechanical breaching, NFDD deployment, physical defense and C4C Combatives in full kit, overland team tactics & open area immediate action drills, tactical rescues, and full mission profile exercises. No other course offers the breadth and depth of this curriculum under such compressed and realistic conditions.

Enrollment open to:

– Military Personnel
– Law Enforcement
– Federal Agency Personnel
– Approved Contractor and Security Personnel

Tuition: $1,747.20 per student

GSA customer price: $1,642.37 per student

Please contact PFC HQ for enrollment information and registering, info@pfctraining.com.

Course times, logistics and required student equipment provided by email after registration.

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