NV Armed Security Handgun Initial Training – August 2017

August 21 – 22, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

This two-day program delivers Nevada’s required course content and initial qualification standards for security personnel handgun training.  This PFC presentation of the Nevada Armed Guard Card course contains content that is imperative for preparing students to carry a firearm in the conduct of their official duties.  The professional instruction delivered is both academic and practical in nature with an emphasis on responsible gun handling, security officer conduct, and use-of-force decision-making.  Graduates must successfully pass a state mandated written examination and a state approved qualification course of fire in order to receive their NV Armed Guard Card.  The possession of this card does not entitle the bearer to carry their firearm concealed.  Participants in this course will receive the highest standard of Armed Security Officer training presently offered anywhere in the State of Nevada.  Successful graduates of this program will earn a Nevada Armed Security Guard Card Training certificate.

NOTE:  Students attending must bring a properly completed State of Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board “Verification of Employment for Armed Security” Form (Revision 6/2009) or provisional paper, their driver’s license, and their valid Nevada Registration Work Card issued by PILB (not Clark County) that states “Unarmed.”  Students MUST present these documents to the instructor at the beginning of class or they will not be allowed to participate in training.

Length: 2 Days (13 hours)

Enrollment: Open to qualified civilians, security personnel, government employees and contractors, and Department of Defense

Pre-requisite: None

Rounds Required: 250

Cost: $150.00 per student

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