Security Officer Firearms Instructor Certification (SOFIC) May 2018

May 14 – 17, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

PFC’s SOFIC course is a full 4-day handgun instructor program designed to impart the fundamentals of teaching handgun skills and managing handgun training for armed security personnel. Students must successfully pass 5 examinations scoring no lower than 100% on 1 and no lower than 90% on the remaining 4. Training includes safety, instructor development, risk analysis, remediation, development of live fire evolutions, as well as practical operation of the semi-automatic handgun weapon system. Evaluations consist of a comprehensive written exam, dry fire Limited Scope Performance Test (LSPT), Live Fire Skills Test (LFST), classroom presentation teach-back, and a student-led live fire evolution. Graduates will be able to safely instruct students in defensive handgun fundamentals as well as produce essential live fire exercises and qualification courses. Due to the proprietary information taught in this program, SOFIC applicants are screened on a case-by-case basis. Graduates of this instructor program will be provided with a detailed manual and training curriculum authorized for use within their own organization or department. NOTE: SOFIC is not a “how to shoot” course, and as such, students who lack better than average shooting skills upon arrival may be challenged in successfully completing the Live Fire Skills Test. Registered applicants may request a copy of this skills test for practice prior to the course.

Registered students will be provided with a Student Information Guide that details required equipment, location information, training times, etc.

Pre-requisite: Approved previous semi-automatic handgun training.

Enrollment: Restricted to authorized security personnel and security trainers.

Cost: $995.00 per student

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