Chief Executive Officer

Steve Krystek's professional history includes a 20-year mix of operational law enforcement, military, protective services, and advanced training experience. He is an accomplished instructor credited with the curriculum development for over 100 training programs used by various military and Federal Government groups. Steve has earned numerous certifications and instructorships in half a dozen combative martial art systems since 1990 encompassing unarmed combatives, grappling, and weapons defense. Steve possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from St. John’s University.

Steve previously served the as the senior team leader and trainer of a U.S. Air Force Emergency Services Team. Through a full spectrum of Security Police missions, he trained and operated with over 200 specialized law enforcement teams, military units, and government agencies throughout the United States and overseas. Steve’s military experience included special weapons and tactics, protective services, force protection/anti-terrorism, and serving as a member of the San Antonio Armed Forces Police Detachment (AFPD).

Upon completion of military service, Steve joined the United States Department of Energy's nuclear protective force (National Nuclear Security Administration) charged with securing and safeguarding nuclear explosive devices, special nuclear material and classified government research projects. Steve's training and experience through the DOE's Central Training Academy and NNSA Nevada Operations included critical resource protection, specialized weapons skills, Special Response Team tactics, and Advanced Weapons Instructor Certification.

Steve then transitioned into civilian law enforcement where he was a full-time police officer and trainer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. During his time at Metro, Steve served as a Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, and Defensive Tactics Instructor. In addition to being a first responder to numerous real-world critical incidents and violent crimes in progress, Steve provided thousands of hours of in-service advanced weapons and tactics instruction to personnel department-wide.

In June of 2006, Steve assumed a full-time role with Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts, which included management of all operations and Team Leader duties for many domestic and international Protective Services Details. Through this, he provided instruction, consultation, and operational support on a continuous basis to government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, and private clients worldwide. Since then, PFC has evolved into a group of companies collectively providing hundreds of training courses, protective details, and special projects each year to over 300 client groups and thousands of individuals. Steve now serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the PFC Group of Companies overseeing the performance and growth of all organizations.