For Law Enforcement 

December 16, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Times: 8am-5pm

Eligibility: Open to active civilian law enforcement personnel.  Credentials will be verified.

Law Enforcement Officers responding to active violence must have the ability to stop dynamically changing events in all environments.  Despite the focus on typically operating in and around structures, officers regularly find themselves tasked with addressing, pursuing, searching for, or engaging threats in wide open and fluid areas.  Proper cohesive tactics to move through terrain as part of a team are the primary focus of this course. Topics covered will include individual movement, formation selection and function, response-to-contact, fire & maneuver tactics, teamwork & communications, casualty management, and danger-area crossings.  In addition, this training will address the complexities of carbine engagements involving high-angle shooting, both up and down.  Whether providing overwatch from elevation or responding to an adversary bunkered high within a structure, most officers will work an entire career without ever being exposed to this life-saving knowledge.  The tragic events of Las Vegas and Dallas have shown us an area in dire need of training.  PFC’s unique range facilities enable us to provide just such skills, and as members of the law enforcement & first responder family, we must make this available.

Round Count: Provided During Training / 400 Carbine & 100 Handgun

NOTE: Selected students will receive a Student Information Guide that details required equipment, location information, nearby lodging, logistics, etc.

ENROLLMENT: Students will be selected via lottery.  A drawing will take place on Veterans Day (11/11/17) to confirm the student roster announced on PFC’s social media channels.  To enter for a chance to receive a slot, provide your contact details to

For more information, please contact PFC Headquarters: PFC HQ (702) 647-1126


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