Active Violence Event Response Tactics (AVERT) August 2019

August 20 – 21, 2019

Orem, Utah

The AVERT training course for Law Enforcement is a 2-day training event designed to impart the core principles, tactics, techniques, and procedures for stopping and resolving active violence events.  Students will receive instruction in rapid deployment concepts designed to assist in locating and closing with armed adversaries inside common structures.  Ultimately, students will develop solutions for actively responding to an adversary who poses an immediate threat to public safety by a firearm or other deadly weapon.  Using both conventional and cutting edge CQB tactics, tactical problems addressed by participants will include 90-degree corners, common rooms, open and closed-door entries, confined spaces, hallways, stairs, T-intersections, opposing doorways, close quarter confrontations, and much more.  The majority of training will consist of drilling and scenario-based training allowing participants to practice instructed skill-sets throughout the course with little to no down-time.

Prerequisite: Must be current member of authorized customer group.

Enrollment: Contact PFC HQ by phone 702-647-1126 or email at [email protected] Credentials will be verified.

Cost: $595.00 per student. Tuition includes all required UTM Non-Lethal Training Ammunition per student.

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