Combative Concealed Handgun – September 2019

September 14, 2019

Orlando, Florida

Despite the proliferation of concealed carry weapon licenses being issued for responsible citizens or security professionals, none of these programs teach or train the end user to work with and from a covered weapon. Also, off-duty or plainclothes law enforcement officers do not receive adequate training from their agencies when it comes to carrying and drawing their concealed weapons. This one-day program is designed to teach the necessary skills to safely carry and dynamically present a handgun from concealment during use-of-force encounters. Students will be taught different techniques for deploying their weapon from a variety of concealed carry methods and positions. Topics covered will include wardrobe selection and modification, support equipment, legal considerations, use of force doctrine, methods of concealment and deployment, progressive handgun skills, intensive concealed weapon drilling, and unconventional tactics for accessing and fighting with a concealed handgun. This course is a must for any responsible concealed weapon carrier. There are no prerequisites for attendance.

Cost: $280.00 per student

When registering for both the Florida CCH and PH4 courses, you will receive a $60.00 discounted package rate! Contact us at 702-647-1126 or [email protected] for more details.

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