Driver Training

Tactical Driving Operations Course (TDOC)

PFC offers customizable emergency vehicle operator training for law enforcement and first responders. Available are multiple instructional tracks that meet different agency needs such as basic recruit training, EVOC instructor development, or Academy leadership education to provide effective, legal and defendable EVOC training programs. PFC driver training graduates have included a large number of state police, local police, and federal agents. PFC has also provided custom programs for the Department of State Diplomatic Corps in support of international transportation needs in multiple countries. Many PFC driving instructors themselves are active or former sworn law enforcement officers with extensive driving careers ranging from EVOC/EMS, security driving in motorcades or convoys, commercial transportation, and various formats of auto racing. Contact PFC HQ to discuss your agency’s specific training requirements that need to be met and how a custom program can help.

Length: 3-5 Days
Enrollment: Open to law enforcement, fire/rescue personnel, EMS, Department of Defense, government agencies, eligible government contractors, and approved security personnel.
Pre-requisite: None
Cost – Las Vegas, NV: Varied by program