“We learned a different way to shoot and maneuver as a team, which is different than the way we have been shooting and moving as a fire team for the last 20 years.  This is stuff that can save lives!  All of my Marines were very comfortable with approaching the instructors.  All of the instructors were confident in their level of knowledge and their confidence showed.  They were highly personable and very friendly.  As Marines, we are used to receiving numerous periods of instruction on all ranges of topics, by very good instructors.  The PFC crew was top notch, professional and more importantly, knowledgeable.  Some of the highlights of the quality of instruction were being shown ways of shooting and moving that we had not been exposed to before.  This is cutting edge knowledge, much more real world and practical than what we are taught at the School of Infantry (SOI).  As SOI instructors, we are always looking for ways to give top quality instruction.  We could learn a lot from these men in both quality and soundness of doctrine.  We at SOI, both active and reserve are responsible for teaching the Marines sound doctrine that has been proven and we think we know our stuff.  This training however, because of the quality of instruction has re-energized us and made us realize there are other ways of doing things that are very effective.  I have a feeling what they taught us WILL BE tomorrow’s sound doctrine.  This training is real world and will save lives.  The reason is the intensity, the professionalism and the quality of instruction.  Get the training, it is some of the best I have ever had.”

Commanding Officer
United States Marine Corps
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