Project Manager

Patrick “Pat” Burke possesses a broad range of military, law enforcement, and protective services experience spanning nearly 30 years.  He has earned numerous certifications, awards, and commendations for his work in multiple arenas.  Pat’s expertise includes law enforcement training, firearms & tactics, driver training, and high threat protective operations.  Currently, Pat supports PFC GOC Special Projects and he provides instruction during restricted PFC Training programs.

Pat has been deployed multiple times with the United States Army, both as a Paratrooper and an active duty Reservist, earning commendations and decorations for his actions.  Pat served in Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada in 1983 and most recently as the Personal Security Detail Team Leader for a General Officer during Operations New Dawn and Enduring Freedom in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan during 2011 and 2012.

After completing his first tour of active duty service, Pat became a member of the United States Department of Energy's nuclear protective force charged with the security and safeguarding of special nuclear material, nuclear explosive devices, and classified government research projects.  Pat's experience within the DOE system included Tactical Response Team (TRT) operations, participation in nationwide DOE Security Police Officer shooting competitions, and service as a protective force supervisor.  He graduated from multiple DOE Instructor Certification programs and served as an Adjunct Firearms Instructor for the Protective Force Training Division located at the Nevada Test Site.

Pat is presently a full-time police officer for a major metropolitan police department.  He is a certified Firearms Instructor and Defensive Tactics Instructor, and currently assigned to a specialized office of the department that reviews, analyzes and provides after-action training related to critical incidents.  Throughout his police career, Pat has also held positions as an Academy Training Officer and as a Field Training Officer (FTO).

In 2012, Pat was awarded the medal of valor, the highest honor bestowed to police officers, for his actions under fire when a routine car stop turned into a running gun battle.  Pat’s lifetime of training, teaching, and real-world experience resulted in a successful, life saving end to a dangerous encounter.