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Tactical Firearms Instructor Course AAR
PFC Loadout: Q-Series Stealth Holster
Code 4 Clinics Now Up & Running!
PFC & Video – “Half You, Half Me”
PFC CrossFit: Special WOD Event
Progressive Carbine & Progressive Handgun Series
Florida Protective Services Training in October

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Tactical Firearms 
Instructor Training 
By Jacqueline Carrizosa



Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend a five day course, including competency instruction and testing, for Tactical Firearms Instructor Certification and Combative Pistol Instructor Certification with Progressive FORCE Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada. Of these five days, only one was inside the classroom. The other four days were out on the range, mixing a functional and purposeful classroom environment with real applicable training and a plethora of real life “when it could happen” and “when it has happened” examples. This is no gentleman’s course. I also evaluated some firing demonstrations while wearing a heart rate monitor to show you how intensive training like this can produce high adrenaline affects on the body, which impact your performance at aiming, shot placement, and more.

Roughly 85% of all people shot by handguns survive their injuries. Therefore, accurate shot placement becomes even more crucial.”

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PFC Loadout – New Addition!


Q-Series “Stealth” Holster


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PFC is pleased to announce that we are adding a new product to PFC Loadout.  This product is a very well designed, compact, light-weight, and rugged IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster designed for appendix carry.  The holster is ambidextrous, as well, the wearer is able to switch carry to either side of the body at will.  Buyers will find the pricing competitive and very attractive.

The holster is named the “Q-Series STEALTH,” and is the creation of Gary Quesenberry (“Top Shot” Season 3 and All-Star contender).  Currently, the holster is available in two versions.  One version will fit all Glock pistols chambered in 9mm, .40, .357 SIG, 10mm, and .45 ACP (Full Size, Compact, and Sub-Compact); and the other will accommodate the new Glock 42 chambered for the .380 cartridge.

Concealment holsters should promote , minimally, weapon conceal ability, retention, accessibility, presentation, re-holstering and comfort (to some degree):

Concealable – the holster body is petite and of a “clamshell” design; fully encapsulating the trigger, trigger guard, and a portion of the dust cover.  Being an IWB holster, no portion of the holster body is exposed when the holster is being worn.  The holster comes with a strong metal belt clip securely affixed to it; the standard color of the clip being black.  Additional belts clips are available in different colors, as well, to assist with the unit “blending in.”   Available colors are black, flat dark earth, and desert tan. Mounting hardware is included.

Retention – The holster design offers Level 1 retention (friction).  Pistol to holster fit is tight, promoting excellent weapon retention during both normal and rigorous activity.  The belt clip is small, but robust; strong enough to keep the weapon/holster combination in place regardless of whether you are wearing a belt.  The belt clip works equally well when wearing either a 1.5″ or 1.75″ belt.

Accessibility – As mentioned above, the holster is designed to be worn between the 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock positions on the wearer’s body.  Exact position is to the wearer’s preference.  The stock of the pistol remains above the top of the waistband, so you don’t have to “fish” around inside your waistband to find your weapon.  It’s where you expect it to be when you reach for it.  The wearer’s shirt may be tucked inside the trousers, or worn untucked.  The holster’s size and design supports either.

Presentation – Amazingly smooth and fast.

Re-holstering – Simple.  The pistol can be re-holstered easily without taking eyes off your danger area.  With minimal repetitions, you can re-holster your weapon as easily as when you are wearing your usual strong side belt/paddle holster.

Code 4 Combatives Clinics Scheduled!

Don’t miss the monthly C4C Clinics now being held at PFC HQ! Each month focuses on a new set of skills and drills. 


FC Training & Video Lesson
We all train to use barricades with varying degrees of combat effectiveness… but do we train to fight those using them against us? & - & – “Half You, Half Me”

PFC CrossFit Special WOD Event


Featured Firearms Training:
   Progressive Handgun Series &
Progressive Carbine Series
Las Vegas, Nevada



Featured Professional Training:

October 20-24, 2014
Tampa, Florida



August 15 – Progressive Handgun 1; Fighting Foundation
Sheridan, OR (Portland area)
August 16 – Progressive Carbine 1; Fighting Foundation
Sheridan, OR (Portland area)
August 17 – Progressive Carbine 2; Fighting Positions
Sheridan, OR (Portland area)
August 20-22 – Protective Driving Operations Certification (PDOC)
Las Vegas, NV
August 23 – Code 4 Concepts; Striking & Defending Clinic
Las Vegas, NV
August 24 – Progressive Handgun 1; Fighting Foundation
Las Vegas, NV
August 26-27 – NV Armed Security Officer Course-Expanded (ASOC-X)
Las Vegas, NV
August 28-29 – Code 4 Concepts; LE Edged Weapon Defense
Beaverton, OR (Portland area)
September 3-5 – TAC OPS East Training Conference & Expo
Arlington, VA / Washington, D.C.
September 12 – Code 4 Concepts; Enforcement Tactics
Las Vegas, NV
September 13 – Code 4 Concepts; Practical Defense
Las Vegas, NV
September 21 – Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation (TIDE)
Las Vegas, NV
September 27 – Code 4 Concepts; Ground Defense & Escape Clinic
Las Vegas, NV
September 27-30 – Border Security Operator Course (BSOC)
San Diego, CA
September 28 – Progressive Handgun 2; Fighting Positions
Las Vegas, NV
October 6-8 – PFC/UNLV Protective Driving Operations Course
Las Vegas, NV
October 9-12 – PFC/UNLV Protection Agent Development Course
Las Vegas, NV
October 13 – Protective Pistol Skills (PSOC Module II)
Las Vegas, NV
October 20-23 – Protection Agent Development (PAD)
Tampa/Clearwater, FL
October 20-24 – Protective Security Operations Certification (PSOC)
Tampa/Clearwater, FL
October 24 – Protective Pistol Skills (PPS)
Tampa/Clearwater, FL
October 25 – Progressive Carbine 1; Fighting Foundation
Tampa/Clearwater, FL
October 25 – Code 4 Concepts; Defeating Multiple Adversaries
Las Vegas, NV
October 26 – Progressive Handgun 3; Movement Under Fire
Las Vegas, NV
October 26 – Progressive Handgun 1; Fighting Foundation
Tampa/Clearwater, FL
November 3-7 – **Progressive Carbine 1-5 Package**
Las Vegas, NV
November 3 – Progressive Carbine 1; Fighting Foundation
Las Vegas, NV
November 4 – Progressive Carbine 2; Fighting Positions
Las Vegas, NV
November 5 – Progressive Carbine 3; Movement Under Fire
Las Vegas, NV
November 6 – Progressive Carbine 4; Low-Light Engagements
Las Vegas, NV
November 7 – Progressive Carbine 5; Extreme Engagements
Las Vegas, NV
November 8 – Code 4 Concepts Clinic; Third-Person Defense
Las Vegas, NV
November 15 – Progressive Handgun 4; Low-Light Engagements
Las Vegas, NV
November 16 – Progressive Handgun 5; Extreme Engagements
Las Vegas, NV
December 2-5 – Low-profile/Undercover Firearms Instructor Certification
Mesa, AZ (Phoenix area)
December 6 – Handgun Drills Clinic
Las Vegas, NV
December 13 – Code 4 Concepts; Physical Defense Against Firearms
Las Vegas, NV
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