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Grand Opening Debrief
PFC – AFSOC Approval!
PFC/ Drill Video; “+2 & Egg Timer”
PFC Loadout Sale Item
PFC Crossfit “We Can Be Heroes Event”
Featured Training – C4C, TIDE, PC1 in Oregon

2014 PFC Training Events



PFC would like to thank everyone who attended and supported last month’s grand opening event.  Much was learned during the training clinics, some great raffle prizes were won, and close to $2,000.00 was raised for the Las Vegas Veterans Memorial Foundation!


Special recognition is in order for all of our sponsors who were represented…, American Shooters, Patriotic Firearms & Police Equipment, Valkyrie Combat, National Rifle Association, Clark County Shooting Complex, Discount Gun Safe Warehouse, New Frontier Armory, FTF Tactics, Play It Safe Defense, GRIT Defense, Green Valley Range, Wilson Creek Winery, and Southern Nevada Wine & Spirits.



PFC Training Receives AFSOC Approval!

After a full audit, PFC recently earned the distinction of being a shooting school approved by the Air Force Special Operations Command.  The Full Spectrum Operator Course is our flagship weapons & tactics program and the next iteration open to military, law enforcement, and contractor personnel is May 26-30.


Elzetta B211 Flashlight

(click on image to be directed to this special discount)


With 235 Lumens of blinding white light from its Malkoff M60 LED Module, a compact 2-Cell Body, a compact Low Profile Bezel, and the traditional Rotary Tactical Tailcap preferred by many special teams officers, the Elzetta ZFL-M60-LS2R is the best flashlight for a variety of functions.  Virtually indestructible, this model is great for personal carry or weapon mounting and is chosen by many operators to be used with the pistol when operating in low light conditions.

The 8 degree standard lens provides excellent light projection to illuminate distant objects.  Its “soft edge” beam minimizes tunnel-vision effects.  The low-profile light head makes the Elzetta B211 a perfect choice for rifle-mounted applications.  Runtime is approximately 2.5 hours.

The overall length of this light is 5 inches, the weight a mere 5.5 ounces.  Flashlight body is made of aircraft grade aluminum.  This light is tougher than nails – a wise investment for anyone in need of a professional grade flashlight.  Made in the U.S.A


Product Review: - Elzetta Flashlight Review – Elzetta Flashlight Review


Cost $170.00


Use coupon code 2020 for a 20% discount!


Offer expires 3/7/14 & Drill Video
“+2 & Egg Timer”
We all need work at distance, but you’re never going to do it unless you do it.  Check it out… & -
Monthly PFC Training & ARFCOM Drill – “+2 & Egg Timer”


Upcoming Featured Training:


March 7th: Code 4 Concepts (C4C)

March 8th: Tactical Indoor Defense & Evac (TIDE)
March 9th: Progressive Carbine 1 (PC1)



All proceeds from the PC1 class on Sunday March 9th will go to to support the 22 Special Tactics Squadron Post-Deployment Resiliency Fund.  Welcome home, guys!





Mar 6 – Code 4 Concepts; Enforcement Tactics
Beaverton, OR
Mar 7 – Code 4 Concepts; Practical Defense
Tigard, OR
Mar 8 – Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation (TIDE)
Hillsboro, OR
Mar 9 – Progressive Carbine 1; Fighting Foundation
North Plains, OR
Mar 14 – Code 4 Concepts; Enforcement Tactics
Glendale, AZ
Mar 22 – Handgun Drills Clinic
Las Vegas, NV
Mar 26-30 – Active Violence Responder Course- Instructor Development
Las Vegas, NV
Apr 8-9 – Advanced Law Enforcement Carbine
Austin, Texas
Apr 10-11 – Progressive Handgun/Carbine 15
San Antonio, Texas
Apr 14-16 – Protective Driving Operations Course (PDOC)
Las Vegas, NV
Apr 17-20 – Protection Agent Development (PSOC)
Las Vegas, NV
Apr 21 – Protective Pistol Skills (PSOC)
Las Vegas, NV
Apr 22-26 – Protective Security Operations Certification (PSOC)
Pomona, NY
May 5 – Progressive Handgun 1; Fighting Foundation
Las Vegas, NV
May 6 – Progressive Handgun 2; Fighting Positions
Las Vegas, NV
May 7 – Progressive Handgun 3; Movement Under Fire
May 8 – Progressive Handgun 4; Low Light Engagements
Las Vegas, NV
May 9 – Progressive Handgun 5; Extreme Engagements
Las Vegas, NV
May 26-30 – Full Spectrum Operator Curriculum (FSOC)
Las Vegas, NV
May 31-Jun 3 – Combative Pistol Instructor Certification (CPIC)
Las Vegas, NV
See the complete PFC Training Schedule Page for more!

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Stay safe,
The PFC Team

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