PFC Training July 2016 Newsletter

July 2016 Newsletter

Nevada Veterans Memorial Unveiled
PFC Instructor Profile Video; Chad Lyman
 PFC Loadout V-Mag Special
“Bad Mag: Part 1” Monthly Drill Video
Chicago EP Training
Upcoming PFC Training Schedule
Through the efforts spearheaded by American Shooters, Dan Starks, Scott Tiano, Mick Catron, and others, along with the support of companies like PFC, we are proud to report the completion and unveiling of the Nevada Veterans Memorial!
On May 27th, the Nevada Veterans Memorial was officially dedicated and opened to the public. The Memorial, located at 555 E. Washington Avenue in Las Vegas, pays tribute to those who have served our country during times of war.  It is the only display of its kind in Nevada and it’s a sight you must see for yourself.  Make time to visit.  You won’t be disappointed!    
In 2009 and 2010, PFC co-sponsored the “American Heroes Challenge,” a tactical team competitive event held to raise money for the building of this Memorial.  Since then, PFC continued to support the cause and numerous other companies joined the effort contributing tens of thousands of dollars to help the American Shooters team make this Memorial a reality.
The Memorial honors all veterans and contains 18 statues depicting participants of the Revolutionary War through the Global War on Terrorism.  PFC encourages everyone to visit this Memorial and keep in mind that many, both in and out of uniform, have sacrificed in securing and maintaining the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of these great United States.

PFC Instructor Profile Video

Chad Lyman


Chad Lyman has combined his years of operational law enforcement and Mixed Martial Arts experience to emerge as one of the nation’s leading defensive tactics trainers. He is the consummate professional, trainer, and street cop whose dedication to students and the advancement of officer safety through modern tactics is unparalleled. His intensive study and experience led to development of the comprehensive intermediate use-of-force training system; Code 4 Concepts.
As the Director of Combatives for PFC, Chad is the Lead Instructor and primary curriculum developer for PFC’s Code 4 Concepts courses. He is also an instructor for PFC’s weapons, tactics and protective services courses delivered to military, law enforcement and security personnel. Chad frequently serves as a featured instructor at training conferences throughout the U.S. to include ILLETA, NYTOA and TAC OPS East.
Don’t miss the opportunity to train with Chad in August!

*** Special Offer ***
All V-Magazines on sale now for $29.99 on packages of 2 or more!
Research and direct feedback from end-users has identified that many share similar concerns about the deficiencies in the stock Glock magazines.  Specifically, two issues rank at the top of this list.
  1. The stock floor plates of virtually all Glock magazines leave much to be desired; being slick, featureless, and difficult for the operator to firmly grip when conducting emergency or deliberate reloads, weapon refunction procedures, or administrative manipulations of the handgun.  Valkyrie Combat’s customized magazines feature textured floor plates promoting better purchase when under stress and/or operating in adverse climatic or tactical environments.
  2. Stock Glock magazines do have numbered “Witness Holes” on the back-strap of the magazine body, but their usefulness is marginal, at best. These holes routinely misrepresent the true number of cartridges remaining in the magazine and are difficult to “read,” even in good lighting conditions.   Valkyrie Combat’s magazines feature their patent pending “Lateral Status Slots.” These slots, located on both sides of the magazine body, allow for load monitoring in virtually all lighting conditions.  In environments of total darkness, the slots allow for tactile monitoring of the magazine’s load.  The operator never has to guess, or hope (which is NOT a tactic), about the true condition of his magazine.
PFC has tested the Valkyrie Combat Glock Magazines in all environments, in all types of conditions, at all times of the day and night.  This is the “right” mag.  This is the magazine your Glock has been asking for!


“Bad Mag: Part 1”Newest PFC Training video “Bad Mag: Part 1,” where we address how to intentionally train for when handgun or carbine mags do not want to fall free from the weapon at the push of a button.

Magazines Failing to Drop Free
Magazines Failing to Drop Free




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Thank you for your support and stay safe!
The PFC Team
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