PFC Training October 2015 Newsletter

October 2015 Newsletter
PFC Welcomes J.J. Racaza to the Instructor Team
PFC Safeguards Call For Resumes
PFC/ Video – “Ace of Diamonds”
PFC CrossFit Mobility Seminar Series
November Progressive Handgun Series
PFC Training Schedule
PFC Welcomes J.J. Racaza to the Team!

PFC Training is pleased to announce that JJ Racaza has joined our instructor cadre.  JJ’s accomplishments in competitive shooting are impressive.  He is a 3-time world speed shooting champion and has broken and held multiple world speed shooting records.  A 3-time US Gold Team Member for the World Shooting Championships, JJ led the US Team in 2011 and 2014.  In 2011 he was ranked #2 in the world in the open category and in 2014 #2 in production.  JJ Racaza’s instructor credentials are equally impressive.  JJ is a former federal law enforcement officer, Lead Firearms Instructor, Training Officer, and law enforcement academy instructor. JJ is certified from DHS/FLETC as an instructor in: Firearms, Reactive Shooting, and Non-Lethal Training.  JJ was also a competitor on the History Channel’s Top Shot television program.
JJ will be teaching our Performance Handgun Series of courses with a focus on technical shooting and speed.  His first class, High Speed Marksmanship, will be held in Las Vegas on December 12, 2015.  The goal of the class is to increase shooter speed and accuracy.  The class is ideal for defensive, competitive, and target shooters with a focus on gaining speed through efficiency while maintaining high marksmanship.  Training covers the principles of accuracy and speed, methodologies for improving drawing, shooting efficiency, managing weapon recoil, and harnessing anticipation to proactively drive the gun into position for follow-up shots.  High Speed Marksmanship will teach you the skills required to break your current shooting plateau and take you to a new level.
Call for Resumes – Now Recruiting!

Full-Time, Part-Time and Intermittent/Temporary Employment Opportunities
PFC Safeguards has the distinct privilege of hiring from within our network of highly qualified and experienced professionals.  This history of success has come through interest and referrals of those who are a proper fit for the PFC Team.
As PFC Safeguards protective services operations continue to grow throughout the United States, we have an increased need for qualified candidates to support a variety of protection programs, security details and special projects.  We are especially interested in active or recently retired professionals in Nevada, California, Arizona, Oregon, Florida, and New York.
Below are the minimum requirements and/or desired qualifications:
  • Minimum of 21 years of age.
  • Steady, verifiable employment history.
  • Professional appearance and in good physical condition.
  • Mature, flexible, reliable and trustworthy.
  • Excellent decision-making and communications skills.
  • Ability to think and act independently, or excel as a member of a team.
  • Current or prior law enforcement or military experience.
  • CCW/LEOSA/HR218 current or capable (highly desired).
  • PSOC and/or PDOC graduate (highly desired).
If you or someone you know is interested in employment opportunities with PFC Safeguards, we want to hear from you.  To be considered, please send resume and professional photo to:
Training Video of the Month
“Ace of Diamonds”
PFC Training’s newest drill, the “Ace of Diamonds” is performed in a 360 degree fan on steel targets with UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) non-lethal training ammunition.  The exercise involves speed, reaction, agility, balance, and accuracy with a competitive spin.  As seen in the examples, this can be performed with handgun, carbine and even PFC’s proprietary BOBB system.
Mobility Seminar Series | Part 1 Hips Down
Saturday, November 28
10-11 AM
Join us on Saturday, November 28 for Part 1 of the PFC CrossFit Mobility Seminar Series.  This special training series is intended to teach, enhance and fix mobility issues and movement patterns.  Part 1 will focus on the hips down.  Coach Romeo will walk us through stretches, LAX ball work, and foam rolling (PS – bring your roller if you have one).  This seminar will delve into squat mobility which not only has direct transfer to our back, front, and pistol squats, but also helps our set-up on Olympic lifts, box jumps, wall balls, and more. 
Featured Firearms Training
NOVEMBER 2-6, Las Vegas, NV

* Attend 1-day courses individually or the entire series for big savings * 

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Thanks for your support and stay safe!
The PFC Team
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