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“The Gunfighter’s Training Checklist”
PFC Loadout – Wilson Combat ETM Magazine Review
PFC & Video – “4-40-4”
Progressive Carbine Series in November
 Protective Services Professional Certification in October

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“The Gunfighter’s Training Checklist”

Brian C. Hartman

Chief Instructor, Progressive FORCE Concepts LLC

With much confusion, many practitioners remain perpetually confused as to why their gains are stagnant. Much like working out at the gym, a cogent weapons training program needs a number of features or it will certainly be directionless. We’ve compiled a checklist of 10 principles that we have found push gunfighting (not shooting) skills to the next level.

  • Embrace the weaknesses in your skill-set. People avoid their weak areas like the plague. If you suck at support side work, distance or a certain position make it a strength.
  • Make order of the chaos. If you hit the range, tower or shoot house without a specific list of skills to be trained other than to just “throw some rounds downrange” you’re behaving like a tourist. Develop a three-tiered training plan comprised of individual skill development, team skill development & scenario-based work that rotates with regularity.
  • Kit up accordingly. You carry concealed daily… 12 hours a day. Yet here you are training on the range… open. You are a soldier headed overseas… no plate carrier during up/downs? In requisite kit, you might be slower or less accurate, but you will certainly suck if you don’t train with it.
  • Get physical. Gunfighting is fast, physical, dirty work. The 30 extra pounds of donuts and ice cream you’re carrying isn’t going to help. Being able to heave, throw, sprint, climb & push loads before during and after putting rounds on target is only going to help you on game-day.
  • Create consequences. Mistakes during lethal encounters can have life-altering effects. Errors on the range must have (at a minimum) punishment that includes some combination of running, pushups, psychological abuse or a round of beers. Youth soccer hands out participation medals… gunfights don’t.
  • Train with others. If you work alone, the only person you have to be better than is… nobody. I find that if I train with those better than me, all I want to do is catch them & knock them off that pedestal. If during training I happen to be having a good run of it, my teammates are looking at all times to pass me on the outside. Either way, I win.
  • MCA. Exercise good Mechanics. Do them Consistently. And only then, can you overlay them with Aggression.
  • Use a timer. The clock doesn’t lie. It is PFC’s philosophy that gunfights are lost because fast is unfamiliar. You will never engage in a close quarters gunfight that adheres to the trite slow=smooth=fast  cliché… your DNA just won’t allow it. The gunfight is a race to the first relevant round. So to be fast, train fast.
  • Use & study video. You are doing foolish, inhibiting, inefficient, superfluous dumb things that you don’t even realize. The slow motion feature on your iPhone5S can literally make you a better gunfighter and like the clock, it doesn’t lie.
  • Commit to your systems.
    If you’re a shooter that likes collecting firearms, that’s fine. If you want to bring nine of your handguns to the range & a smattering of ammunition, that’s fine as well. But if you want to be a gunfighter, then commit. One handgun, one rifle, one shotgun.

We didn’t arrive at this list by accident. Thousands of hours of comparative evaluation have made these truths indisputable. Now go prove them to yourself. Stay safe and train hard.

Wilson Combat “Elite Tactical Magazine” Review


Wilson has long been known as the go-to for 1911 magazines. The ETM enhances reliability more and increases purchase through the larger (yet unobtrusive) base-plate. - – “Wilson 1911 ETM”

FC Training & Video Lesson
This month’s drill works ranges of engagement, transitions & rhythm all against the clock. For the “sling crowd” you can do your thing as is shown in the demos… for the minimalist gunfighter, you can either execute a one-handed transition or “cut-away.”  Reduced steel silhouette and a tier 3 target… four seconds is all you get! & - & – “4-40-4”



Featured Firearms Training:
Fall Progressive Carbine Series
Las Vegas, Nevada


Featured Professional Training:

October 6-12, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
*** Accredited by UNLV ***



September 28 – Progressive Handgun 2; Fighting Positions
Las Vegas, NV
October 6-8 – PFC/UNLV Protective Driving Operations Course
Las Vegas, NV
October 9-12 – PFC/UNLV Protection Agent Development Course
Las Vegas, NV
October 13 – Protective Pistol Skills (PSOC Module II)
Las Vegas, NV
October 20-23 – Protection Agent Development (PAD)
Tampa/Clearwater, FL
October 20-24 – Protective Security Operations Certification (PSOC)
Tampa/Clearwater, FL
October 24 – Protective Pistol Skills (PPS)
Tampa/Clearwater, FL
October 25-26 – Progressive Handgun & Carbine Package
Tampa/Clearwater, FL
October 25 – Progressive Carbine 1; Fighting Foundation
Tampa/Clearwater, FL
October 25 – Code 4 Concepts; Defeating Multiple Adversaries
Las Vegas, NV
October 26 – Progressive Handgun 3; Movement Under Fire
Las Vegas, NV
October 26 – Progressive Handgun 1; Fighting Foundation
Tampa/Clearwater, FL
November 3-7 – **Progressive Carbine 1-5 Package**
Las Vegas, NV
November 3 – Progressive Carbine 1; Fighting Foundation
Las Vegas, NV
November 4 – Progressive Carbine 2; Fighting Positions
Las Vegas, NV
November 5 – Progressive Carbine 3; Movement Under Fire
Las Vegas, NV
November 6 – Progressive Carbine 4; Low-Light Engagements
Las Vegas, NV
November 7 – Progressive Carbine 5; Extreme Engagements
Las Vegas, NV
November 8 – Code 4 Concepts Clinic; Third-Person Defense
Las Vegas, NV
November 15 – Progressive Handgun 4; Low-Light Engagements
Las Vegas, NV
November 16 – Progressive Handgun 5; Extreme Engagements
Las Vegas, NV
December 2-5 – Low-profile/Undercover Firearms Instructor Certification
Mesa, AZ (Phoenix area)
December 6 – Handgun Drills Clinic
Las Vegas, NV
December 13 – Code 4 Concepts; Physical Defense Against Firearms
Las Vegas, NV
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Stay safe,
The PFC Team

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