“Best-in-class company.  Top trainers in their field with the knowledge, skills and abilities to deliver the best instruction currently available to citizens, military or law enforcement alike.  I highly recommend PFC.”

Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr.
NRA Board Member
Chairman – NRA’s Education & Training Committee
Buffalo, NY

“Year after year, PFC instruction is rated the highest amongst tactical officers in both New York and the National Capital Region.  Their training methods are smart and practical, and frequently adopted by many agencies.  The PFC staff has been leading the way in our arena for many years and they continue to make great training even better.”

Larry Beresnoy
Executive Director
New York Tactical Officers Association (NYTOA)

“I attended PFC’s PSOC course and was thoroughly impressed. I’ve attended multiple PSD courses that were geared more towards Fallujah style environments and not everyday American realities. The instructor to student ratio was the best I’ve seen and the instructors themselves were top notch. They have real world experience in multiple disciplines but are easy to speak to and are very approachable.”

Will Mercado
Austin Police Department, TX
Texas Tactical Police Officers Association Region 1 Director

“You can’t go wrong with PFC Training. I’ve trained at a lot of different places and programs, and PFC is by far the leader in their field. From their expert staff to their cutting edge tactics, these guys know their stuff!”

Mark A. Bradford
Former US Federal Agent & Special Response Force Member
Current Head Instructor, Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu
Los Angeles, CA

“I have been a Police Officer for 25 years at a large Department.  I have attended thousands of hours of training with a variety of local, state, and federal agencies. Despite having attended some of the best government training available, few have risen to the level of excellence and provided a depth of understanding like what I experienced with PFC.  Fewer still have had the quality of instruction and left me with such a lasting effect.  At more than a year after receiving training from PFC, I am still absorbing and applying the lessons learned.”

MSgt. Rod Gaymon, Intelligence Unit
Oklahoma City Police Department, OK

“Having worked with PFC for a number of years, and having trained throughout the U.S. for considerably longer, I have not found a better group of people from which to learn.  PFC does not teach a canned “method” or lesson plan, but a very dynamic and constantly evolving curriculum based on years of real world experience.  The experience and diversity of their staff and their students, combined with constant re-assessment of their performance, is what allows PFC’s training to be so effective and efficient.  If you want the best training possible, you could become a professional student and train with as many different schools as possible.  A better option is to train with PFC; they do that for you so what you get is a current, clean and condensed version of all the methodologies out there.”
Edward Avila
Owner & Administrator,
Dallas, TX

“FSOC was nothing short of top-notch training for our soldiers.  To date our unit has sent a total of 74 soldiers to train with PFC. As a unit deploying OCONUS, individual small arms, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and small team leadership and tactics are our primary tasks, and the PFC staff has done an outstanding job facilitating this training.  FSOC is a great course and this training is unavailable to us within the Department of Defense.  This training was a success for our unit and our soldiers are better prepared to go into combat and dominate the battlefield.”

Commanding Officer
United States Army

“I continue to be very impressed with both the quality of the courses taught and the instructors teaching through PFC.  I have had the opportunity to be a student in their PSOC course as well as a counter-surveillance course uniquely tailored to the specific needs of an EP team I am currently on.  The instructor corps at PFC is extremely knowledgeable and each has a strong ability to deliver the content in a way that is suited to the learning styles of their students.  The courses are filled with attention to detail and each FTX I have been involved in has been fully immersive and very realistic.  As an instructor/supervisor for a major metropolitan police agency for the last 6 years, I have been to many classes as both student and teacher and I can say without a doubt PFC has the perfect recipe for ensuring a successful and enjoyable outcome of the classes taken.  Real world training for real world application.”

Sergeant Kevin Wrenn
Training Division Supervisor
San Jose Police Department, CA

“We learned a different way to shoot and maneuver as a team, which is different than the way we have been shooting and moving as a fire team for the last 20 years.  This is stuff that can save lives!  All of my Marines were very comfortable with approaching the instructors.  All of the instructors were confident in their level of knowledge and their confidence showed.  They were highly personable and very friendly.  As Marines, we are used to receiving numerous periods of instruction on all ranges of topics, by very good instructors.  The PFC crew was top notch, professional and more importantly, knowledgeable.  Some of the highlights of the quality of instruction were being shown ways of shooting and moving that we had not been exposed to before.  This is cutting edge knowledge, much more real world and practical than what we are taught at the School of Infantry (SOI).  As SOI instructors, we are always looking for ways to give top quality instruction.  We could learn a lot from these men in both quality and soundness of doctrine.  We at SOI, both active and reserve are responsible for teaching the Marines sound doctrine that has been proven and we think we know our stuff.  This training however, because of the quality of instruction has re-energized us and made us realize there are other ways of doing things that are very effective.  I have a feeling what they taught us WILL BE tomorrow’s sound doctrine.  This training is real world and will save lives.  The reason is the intensity, the professionalism and the quality of instruction.  Get the training, it is some of the best I have ever had.”

Commanding Officer
United States Marine Corps

“As an executive protection professional for an international multi-billion dollar company, I owe so much to PFC for much of our team’s success.  The PFC team has been instrumental in sled dogging the massive operation of developing our executive protection program…from consulting to staffing and of course PFC’s famous training.  While I was overwhelmed heading up such a big program, PFC never left my side and their staff is always available.  PFC has been there for me time and time again.”

Robert Loughman
Executive Protection Team Leader
Capital Investment Firm – New York, NY
Retired SWAT Operator & Master Trainer

“PFC instructors are the finest in the industry and their curriculum is cutting edge.  I have trained with many other companies over the years, and none has come close to the quality and character of PFC.  Their training has helped me become much more proficient and their expertise has helped my company produce weapons and gear that have earned a reputation for functionality and reliability.  Every class provides new insight and tools.  If survivability is a priority for you, then you owe it to yourself to train with PFC…it may save your life.”

Greg Wohler, CEO
Valkyrie Combat
Henderson, NV

“THROCK Corp has worked and partnered with the PFC Group of Companies for over two years.  With every instance the staff is professional, knowledgeable, and available.  PFC Training is our “Go To” source for training in small arms, combatives, protective operations, and tailored instructional solutions to commercial and US Government clients.  Bottom line, teaming with PFC gives us the competitive edge and makes us look good in the eyes of our clientele.”

J Scott Throckmorton, President
Washington, D.C.

“Having been affiliated with the military for 10 years, I have found FSOC provided the most complete and balanced instruction to date.  The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and demonstrated every single process prior to expecting students to complete it.  Many new and very applicable tactics were covered in the course.  Much of the urban combat was new material and based off of personal experiences, very needed and useful information for application down range.  Moreover, the PFC facilities possess multiple firing ranges, various types of targets and barricades, a wide variety of terrain (closely simulating the terrain of Afghanistan and Iraq), and an extremely knowledgeable staff.  Also, the high priority placed on safety ensures training accidents are very unlikely.  In addition to the firearms and tactics training, FSOC places a high priority on combat life-saving measures.  The course teaches battle proven techniques for lifesaving and then drills those techniques throughout the course through scenarios with downed agents and real-world medical supplies.  FSOC provides our personnel with precisely the firearms skills and tactics needed to function in high threat environments.  In addition, the staff of PFC is constantly upgrading and changing the course to meet current trends and requirements of the students in the course.  I cannot recommend this course enough.”

Special Agent, AFOSI

“PFC stepped up to the plate and put a custom training program together that met my team’s needs.  Their instructors are top-notch and always pushing the envelope, never being content with status quo.  They seem to constantly seek out better ways of doing things and are always willing to pass them along.”

Jason Rucker
Director – Security
Bellagio Las Vegas Resort

“Just wanted to thank you for the training.  The guys found it to be at a minimum, one of the best training courses they have ever attended (as expected from our previous experience with your staff).  Brian Hartman does an awesome job!  As usual, we all learned a lot and the training was worth its weight in gold.”

Lieutenant Mario Knapp
Training Bureau Supervisor
Miami-Dade Police Department
Miami-Dade Public Safety Training Institute