“What I learned in PSOC training will be in my tool box for the rest of my life because I use it for my own personal protection as I get deployed around the world solo or on a weekend hike.  What you teach saves lives and helps keep so many people safe.”

Corporate Security
Tech Company in CA

“I would like to thank all of the PFC staff for an outstanding FSOC-X!  As always, the training and hospitality were spectacular.  It’s been a pleasure to watch the company grow and evolve throughout the years.  PFC is unparalleled in instruction, knowledge and execution on Full Spectrum Operations.  I have no doubt that the men on Red Team are ready for any encounter downrange.”

Air Force Special Operations Command

“I’ve had the privilege of participating in PFC’s Code 4 Concepts and Combative Pistol Instructor Certification courses.  PFC doctrine is the highest quality and most comprehensive training I’ve ever experienced.  I’ve never learned so much while being pushed so far out of my comfort zone.  PFC Training is a must if you’re ready to learn, be inspired, pushed, and held to the highest of standards.”

Carrie Boswell
Chief Instructor – G.R.I.T. Defense, LLC
Flagstaff, AZ

“Chad Lyman is a superb instructor.  He bases his instruction on both his extensive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu background and his street experience.  He is innovative and creative as an instructor.  Many officers owe a great debt to Chad for his professionalism and competence as an instructor and leader.  I’m far more effective and safer as a street officer because of this training.  I base this assessment on my experiences as a career US Marine.  I’m a retired Lieutenant Colonel, with over 21 years Active Duty service in the infantry.  I can certainly recognize and appreciate the value of good competent instructors able to convey information vital for effectiveness and survival in combat.”

 J. Bocchino, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Marine Corps (Ret)
Police Officer, Portland Police Bureau

“For decades, I have been through a ton of training programs, run by both government entities and by private sector providers.  Military, law enforcement, private security, self-defense… If you’re going to drink the proverbial Kool-Aid, then Progressive FORCE Concepts is the place to open a spigot and guzzle.  I have been fortunate enough over the past 10 years to be exposed to their ever-evolving curriculum, innovative and dynamic instructional techniques, and highly professional and motivated staff.”

Federal Security Specialist, VA

“I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you provided for me to train with your awesome organization.  The knowledge and professionalism of PFC Training is outstanding.  The amount of information, as well as the intense pace at which it was provided is analogous to water flowing through a fire hose, but the experience and quality of instruction made it seem like drinking from a water fountain. This is by far the best instruction I have received compared to my previous military and law enforcement training.  Brian Hartman is an effective and relevant instructor.  Using auditory, visual and kinesthetic principles, and his ability to interject real world examples while sharing his own experiences, made the volume of information easy to understand.  A two-hour block of instruction seemed like 5 minutes.  Brian is a top-notch instructor and subject matter expert!”

 Jim Hinen
Executive Protection Specialist
Twin Falls, Idaho

“The staff at Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts is passionate about providing relevant, cutting edge gunfighting skills and tactics to counter current threats faced by officers on the streets.  They make my survival their business.”

 T. Peacock
Metropolitan Police Officer, MN
Major, USMC

“PFC has been my go to source for assets to support our projects, both domestic and foreign, for the last 10 years.  They are also my first recommendation to individuals looking for a solid training platform whether they are new to the industry or trying to improve their skill set.  As the head of security for a global, international company, PFC is always my first call.  They are consummate professionals who have never let us down.”

 Justin Barrett
Corporate Security Manager
Private Company, Utah

“It’s in their name; Progressive.  They’re the best in everything they do and they continue to get better.  I’ve had the privilege to train with PFC for over 14 years and they give me no reason to train anywhere else.  I trust my life to what they teach.”

Frank Grun, Security Manager
Tech Company – Portland, OR

“Progressive FORCE Concepts!  What great instructor courses!  Not only do they discuss anything you have questions on, training is all based on real scenarios. Also, they listen to everyone and take in new ideas and evaluate the possibility of it being faster and more accurate.  Accuracy is always what matters, and they touch on that while developing and enhancing your speed.  I will be taking more courses and I can’t wait!
 Jacqueline Carrizosa
Rangemaster & Instructor, Las Vegas, NV

“Progressive FORCE Concepts’ Chief Instructor, Brian Hartman, and his staff did an outstanding job of presenting relevant training for law enforcement and special operations students.  The physical ability that Brian possessed inspired the students to seek higher levels of proficiency in skill at arms and warrior tasks.  Their training increased the tactical ability of the students and their humble and sincere approach to teaching weapons and tactics greatly impressed me.”

Special Agent, DEA

“Excellent training.  Chad relates the Code 4 Concepts content to real-world law enforcement scenarios.”

R. Brede, Lieutenant
Tactical Commander – SWAT
Salt Lake City Police Department, Utah

“I can attest to the quality training PFC provides as it was directly responsible for stopping a violent attack during a workplace violence event at our corporate office. Without this training, this incident would have most certainly led to extreme bodily injury or death. PFC instructors are some of the best in the industry, always professional, personable and reliable.”

Ash Nemetz
Vice President, Global Security
Diamond Resorts International
Las Vegas, NV