Protective Services

Security Force Training

Unarmed Officer Courses

  • Code 4 Concepts; Officer & Public Safety (C4C-OPS)

  • Code 4 Tactics Instructor Certification (C4T-IC)

  • OC Spray – Safe Employment & Legal Force

  • Expandable Straight Baton – Safe Employment & Legal Force

Armed Officer Courses

  • Basic Semi-automatic Pistol Operator Training (BSPOT)

  • Semi-automatic Pistol Operator Refresher Training (SPORT)

  • Combative Pistol Instructor Certification (CPIC)

  • Nevada Armed Security Officer Certification (ASOC)

  • Nevada Concealed Carry (NV CCW)

  • Nevada Armed Security Officer Requalification (ASOR)

  • Active Violence Responder Course (AVRC)


Any PFC program or training curriculum can be custom-tailored to meet specific individual or organizational needs.  These events, typically designed for specialized units, security teams, or small private groups, can be delivered as a Mobile Training Course (MTC) at the customer’s location or at PFC’s dedicated facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Custom course length varies from one day to two weeks in some cases.  Oftentimes, sponsoring agencies will earn free training for hosting and assisting with course logistics.

Whether you’re interested in personalized training for yourself or specialized group training for your team or agency, custom instruction is available in the following disciplines:

  • Fundamental, Progressive and Advanced Handgun Skills
  • Fundamental, Progressive and Advanced Carbine Skills
  • Concealed Carry & Low Visibility Operations
  • Low-Light Weapons & Tactics
  • Home & Business Defense Training
  • Armed & Unarmed Security Training
  • Use-of-Force Doctrine
  • Subject Control & Intermediate Force – Code 4 Concepts
  • Physical Defense & Combatives – Code 4 Concepts
  • Handgun & Long-gun Combatives
  • Low-Visibility Personal Security & Protective Surveillance
  • Protective & Emergency Driving
  • High Threat Protective Operations
  • Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance
  • Active Violence/Active Shooter Response
  • Tactical Team Operations
  • Vehicle Assault & Counter-Assault Tactics
  • Urban Warfare, Structure Clearing & CQB
  • Overland Warfare & Open Area Tactics
  • Aircraft Assault Operations
  • Tactical Trauma Care
  • Night Vision Devices
  • Mechanical & Explosive Breaching
  • Close Air Support – Conventional & Digitally Aided CAS
  • Long Range Precision Rifle Skills
  • Heavy Weapons & Foreign Weapons
  • Instructor Certification

Contact PFC Headquarters for dates of availability and a custom training quote.

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