“I continue to be very impressed with both the quality of the courses taught and the instructors teaching through PFC.  I have had the opportunity to be a student in their PSOC course as well as a counter-surveillance course uniquely tailored to the specific needs of an EP team I am currently on.  The instructor corps at PFC is extremely knowledgeable and each has a strong ability to deliver the content in a way that is suited to the learning styles of their students.  The courses are filled with attention to detail and each FTX I have been involved in has been fully immersive and very realistic.  As an instructor/supervisor for a major metropolitan police agency for the last 6 years, I have been to many classes as both student and teacher and I can say without a doubt PFC has the perfect recipe for ensuring a successful and enjoyable outcome of the classes taken.  Real world training for real world application.”

Sergeant Kevin Wrenn
Training Division Supervisor
San Jose Police Department, CA
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