“Having been affiliated with the military for 10 years, I have found FSOC provided the most complete and balanced instruction to date.  The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and demonstrated every single process prior to expecting students to complete it.  Many new and very applicable tactics were covered in the course.  Much of the urban combat was new material and based off of personal experiences, very needed and useful information for application down range.  Moreover, the PFC facilities possess multiple firing ranges, various types of targets and barricades, a wide variety of terrain (closely simulating the terrain of Afghanistan and Iraq), and an extremely knowledgeable staff.  Also, the high priority placed on safety ensures training accidents are very unlikely.  In addition to the firearms and tactics training, FSOC places a high priority on combat life-saving measures.  The course teaches battle proven techniques for lifesaving and then drills those techniques throughout the course through scenarios with downed agents and real-world medical supplies.  FSOC provides our personnel with precisely the firearms skills and tactics needed to function in high threat environments.  In addition, the staff of PFC is constantly upgrading and changing the course to meet current trends and requirements of the students in the course.  I cannot recommend this course enough.”

Special Agent, AFOSI
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