Tactical Firearms Instructor Certification Handgun (TFIC-H) – April 2019

April 1 – 4, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

PFC’s “TFIC-H” is a complete 4-day handgun instructor program designed to impart the fundamentals of teaching and managing handgun training for armed professionals.  TFIC-H standards exceed every private, state, military or federal firearms certification process currently in existence.  Students must successfully pass 5 examinations scoring no lower than 100% on 1 and no lower than 90% on the remaining 4.  Topics covered include but are not limited to, safety, instructor development, risk analysis, remediation, development of live-fire evolutions, as well as progressive operation of the semi-automatic handgun weapon system.  Evaluations consist of a comprehensive written exam, dry fire Limited Scope Performance Test (LSPT), Live Fire Skills Test (LFST), classroom presentation, and student-led live-fire evolution.  Graduates will be able to safely instruct students in handgun fundamentals as well as develop and run basic live-fire evolutions and qualification courses.  Due to the proprietary information taught in this program, course applicants are screened on a case-by-case basis.  Graduates of this instructor program will be provided with a detailed manual and handgun-training curriculum authorized for use within their own organization, department or unit.  NOTE: TFIC-H is not a “how to shoot” course, and as such, students who lack shooting skills upon arrival stand a very low chance of successfully completing the Live Fire Skills Test which will only be administered a limited number of times.  Registered applicants may request a copy of this skills test for practice prior to the course.

Length: 4 Days

Enrollment: Open to law enforcement, Department of Defense, government agencies, eligible government contractors, security instructors, and approved civilian trainers

Pre-requisite: Extensive formal semi-automatic handgun training

Cost: $975.00 per student

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