The PFC Purpose

Why we do what we do and what we believe in…

Saving lives that may go into harm’s way.

  • We believe in delivering the best, most innovative and results-oriented training on Earth

Serving those who require an advantage.

  • We believe in contemporary and comprehensive means that exceed customer expectations.

How we do what we do and why Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts?

Answer: The “PFC Difference"

  • The talents, expertise and DNA of PFC personnel define the “PFC Difference”.

  • Our people are the key ingredient to best-in-class service and customer success.

  • And the “PFC Difference" is present in every single contribution to what we believe in.

Years of experience and ongoing evolution based on real world events provide the best foundation for your training. Our brand of instruction is forward thinking, mission driven, and about you. Your skill, your knowledge, your progress and your safety are our purpose. We invite you to see for yourself and experience the PFC Difference.